Bentley Continental Wedding Car

Once stable mates of Rolls-Royce, now, since the separation of the two marques, deadly rivals for the top honour of the wedding car of choice, our brace of Bentley offers unsurpassed luxury for your most special day. Updating the brand for the 21st century without losing a single aspect of the Bentley legend, these cars have a presence that will be second only to the bride herself on her wedding day. The Bentley reputation for performance with sheer luxury will surely be popular with the groom too!

It comes in beige leather interior. We offer our services for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Stirling, Lanarkshire, Hamilton, Motherwell, Dunbartonshire, Paisley, Ayrshire.

Type: Modern Cars

Passenger Seats: 4

Seat belts: Yes

Modern Iconic Wedding Car

Chauffeur's Attire: Fully uniformed

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